Monday, September 28, 2009

Tin's Visit

Tin 's visit from LA with her boyfriend Mark. =) She's one of my cousins that I feel close with.. when we were in college we actually live in the same house.. we use to party a lot way back. I even remember that we party so hard and got home around 4am.. we were so worried that we'll wake up his dad so we remove our high heeled shoes so we wont be making any noise. lol..

Now..she's planning to move here in East Bay coz Mark lives in Vallejo..hopefully all her plans wud materialize so East Bay would be a happier place for me.. =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pau's 28th

Sept 18, 2009 (friday)... Pau's 28th birthday..had dinner at Supperclub in SF with pau, Maryann and Abby... for more pics click here---> Pau's Bday Dinner

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thank you for all the prayers for my mom's operation. Everything went well and she's now recuperating very well. Pain is normal but she's so positive and strong..the agony of healing for sure will just be a breeze. We, as a family, are so relieved .. Thank God! =)

in the CPU (cardio pulmonary unit)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mitral Valve Heart Surgery

The last 3 weeks had been so crazy..literally. A lot of happenings I don't even know where to start updating. Today is Pauline's bday and later we're gonna have dinner at Supperclub in SF w/ abby and maryann. My cuzins for the nth time changed their minds again on going up here from LA so I guess I wont be seeing them this weekends.

My mom's operations will be on monday 8:30am..awhile ago we went to Summit in Oakland to the pre-operation briefing. Her heart surgery is called a Mitral Valve Heart Surgery wherein one of the heart's valve is not functioning properly which causes the decrease of blood flow in her heart. If there's no sufficient blood coming into the heart since it's "leaking" it can cause various complications in the body. The bad thing abt this is that it can only be corrected through surgery..either they repair the malfunctioning valve or replace it with a metal valve or a pig's valve..yes..PIG (their valve is compatible to humans). Anybody can have this ..even persons who don't have any existing heart disease. This can be due to old age or sometimes it's also a congenital heart condition..meaning when you were born u already have this condition or it can simply be a mere malfunction of your heart. You can choose not to have it corrected but that means more risk for heart attack and a lot more serious cases and in a span of 5 yrs most probably you're not gonna survive since your body will all be weak.So better have the surgery while you're still young and your body can still recover.

Are we scared? YES. But we keep high faith and try to be positive about this. We need all the help and prayers for my mom's successful operation and speedy recovery. This is just a phase our family need to face and for sure we will get through this. =)

my mom while waiting for the pre-op today...

all support..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just me

Just me & things that linger in my mind:
->I turned 28 this month but I feel like 20.
-> i'm afraid of my mom's operation ..I just dont wana show her.
->I find my life boring coz I dont hav anybody to share it with.
->I tried dating recently but why i felt its a waste of time? Lol.
->I'm happy to still be talking with Olive.
->I begin hanging out with Abby--as Pauline's wish.
->This week I volunteered for a charity activity.
->I'm planning to join a church society or grp near my area.
->I wish to finally see Alcatraz but I dont have anybdy to take me.
->I still think of Tiny sometimes.
->I'm excited this weekends,,my cousins from LA will visit.
->I took 1 stick of cigarette @ my dad's pack,i'll light it in a while.
->I miss my bro but I also kinda like it that he's in MNL now,,haha.
->I wana watch Sorority Row.
->I bought myself a Coach Bag as a gft to myself.
->I was thinkng of Pat last nyt, I wish I can clone him.
->I love my Nikon slr--worth every penny .
->Recently,I spend too much on clothes.
->I wish to get a surprise one of these days.
->I'm currently in a happy a steady mode.


Sunday Mass at Oakland downtown..then lunch at Alameda in East Ocean..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

United Airlines-Teletech Cainta

My ex-boss posted this slideshow she created in Facebook for our Program United Airlines (UAL)..I was so close to tears when I was watching it. The job is tough and demanding but it's the people I worked with that made me stay...they made working feels not like working at all. Recently, I heard that UAL didnt continue with their contract with my previous management team were distributed to different accounts.

I treasure these people..they are just not my colleagues,some of them became good friends and that's what I am thankful for. Even though I'm now here in US we still manage to keep in touch and not mind the distance at all. This slideshow wud show the people I went to work w/ everyday of my life..people who helped me grow..people who supported me and people who had always been there!! We were together through everything..tough times..good buildings..client presentations..personal events in our lives..and etcetera...I miss u guys!! =)

Say You Love Me

I heart this song now..relaxes me..enjoy!! =)

Don't you know that I want to be more than just your friend
Holding hands is fine
But I've got better things on my mind
You know it could happen
If you'd only see me in a different light
Baby when we finally get together
You will see that I was right

Say you love me
You know that it could be nice
If you'd only say you love me
Don't treat me like I was ice

Please love me
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
And if you'd only say you love me baby
Things would really work out fine ...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Change of Side

Lately, I've been slacking off posting blogs..i just wana let the pictures do the talking,hehe. Maybe I don't wanna think too much and over-analyze things again. I haven't had a quiet time for myself yet for almost 2weeks now,,i've been going out a lot..doesnt matter if weekdays or weekends. Last night had dinner w/friends..and I slept at Pau's place for the first time. Today, I have another set of activities to run..

Last night, while we were doing our usual girl talk there are some things that hit me and made me think twice. My friends from here and back home in Manila have been sharing their stories & updates re: their special someone. They ask: what about you? I said: What about me? --- hehe,,i know what they are trying to say i have a special someone's easy. No.Nothing.Zero.

Do I like somebody? Yes,I do. But i guess there a lot of things to check up on,,things to consider and stuff. I've been blocking myself for possibilities too just because I think I'm still a mess and now I'm thinking maybe I even let some good ops passed. But too late to regret things now ,,some good things just come in at the wrong time. And besides it's also hard to get into something if I feel undecided & if there are still thing left hanging for me.

Right now, I feel that I've straighten things up. No vagueness, my mind is clear and is now open for whatever.I can now say to my self that I am not into anyone anymore so I can say that I am open now for other people,,I feel that I'm ready to know people and give other people a chance to get to know me rather than blocking and shutting them down. =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

It has been a long day..since gerald is not around there are a lot of things to do and we're also preparing for a lot of stuff for mom's heart operation on Sep21. Though we know everything's gonna be alright still it brings us a different a level of stress..we just dont wanna think about it too much..not worry too much and just have faith that all is well.

Monday night --karaoke night with kalyan and mae @ my place.blackforest hut..subway..sing along..sing along... then GI Joe (again) ... =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

28 Years

My life has been great for the past 28 yrs
I'm blessed w/friends dat made my yrs memorable..
Sharing every moment of it w/my loved ones
added more essence to all that I do.

My journey had been easy, there may be a few bumps
but I can say I went through it all with lessons
learned & come out of it with an improve version
of myself..

Now, that I'm 28 I get to appreciate family more
I also learned that touching other people's lives
give me a higher fulfillment & purpose of my being.
By now I'm aware that dirty deeds & temptations are all over
but also by now I already defined my character
& chooses to keep the values & beliefs I blv in.
I am proud to say that I like the person I am becoming
& I am forever striving to achieve my goals
and become a better me.

They say another year older means another yr wiser,,
And now even more I am so excited to see what
future is in store for me..
I'll try to lessen sweating it out w/ small stuff & just
focus on what really matters...
I will try living and enjoying what I have everyday..
Leaving all bad baggages behind and starting
fresh with good things :)

I feel more happy and relaxed now,, I am glad
that emotions kinda withered and things
are more clearer now,, I choose to let go of
things that are way impossible and open my eyes
to options that are presented to me,,

I'm just thankful for all that I have right now,,
People who are there, people who stayed for me
Friends that I have near or far
and for my family who accepts me and love me
unconditionally.. =)

Friday, September 4, 2009



to pau for ur wonderful gift..i liked the bag, the scarf and the cap..thanks!! Huuggsss

to carlos for dropping by and seeing me tonight..thanks for the starbucks & for everything else. I havent seen u for a while now, a lot has been said,, too many fights..but im glad it's over now.O well, I always want you to be happy and not stressed out. You dont have to explain abt the 2 drinks in ur car okay,,no worries.. :) Goodluck w/whoever,, i assure u my friendship.

My PauLine Time

It has been a busy day since yesterday..a lot of things going on. Gerald going home for a 2-week Manila vacation while Mommy will have her heart surgery on Sept.21,,we've been preparing for a lot of stuff these past few days. Despite the busy sched, me and pau always see to it that we see each other at least once a week during her rest days. Since she'll have a duty on the day of my birthday she suggested that we have an early celebration. So, we headed to SF to pick up her passport..then check the city and have some bonding time too.. =)

there was an art we decided to check it out

happpeeee..some random artwork...pau was trying to get a pic of Macy's posterwe were tired we decided to have early dinner
so we can rest at the same time talk..

this is the problem..if we're together our phones never stop beeping we end up locked-up w/our own "mobile world",,this is the reason y it takes us HOURS to catch up..lolzi ordered chicken teriyaki,,it was yummy..
BFF (bestfrnds forever) is what she calls me..hahaha..crazy Pau
hearts of the city ...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

tuesday night

Another tuesday night with Kalyan and Mae..this time we went at Kalyan's place..the expected "indian food" night was switched to a pizza and BUURRGGERR night (w/indian accent) hahaha ..we watched underworld & took crazy pics =)

the visitors..
K should get a dining set and a big couch..
mae doing her vampire look,,lol
cheng / kalyan / mae
kalyan lazy to even sit up..grrr
pretty picture..the drunken people..hahaha..joke..sweeeett.. we like hugging..hehehe =)
wats so funny DVD,,ohh i mean Kalyan..hahahaMr.I-Have-No-Feelings & Ms.Im-Not-Readymae doing her crazy pose as always..haha